Sunday, January 27, 2013

How I Wish this Book Existed

There already exist many books about the financial crisis and Great Recession, but not the one I am most dying to read. Imagine this: a book about the crisis and recession written each chapter written by a different  top female macro or financial economist. Here is my dream chapter line-up.

Chapter 1: Signs of Impending Crisis, Janet Yellen

Chapter 2: International Integration, Contagion, and Domestic Vulnerability, Graciela Kaminsky

Chapter 3: Bank Competition and Systemic Stability, Asli Demirguc-Kunt

Chapter 4: Minding Our Money: Financial Literacy and the Crisis, Olivia Mitchell

Chapter 5: Unconventional Monetary Policy in Exceptional Times, Lucrezia Reichlin

Chapter 6: Quantitative Easing and Portfolio Choice, Annette Vissing-Jorgensen

Chapter 7: Evaluating TARP, Loretta Mester

Chapter 8: Public and Private Spending, Valerie Ramey

Chapter 9: Inventories and the Delayed Recovery, Martha Olney

Chapter 10: Beyond Unemployment Rates: The Great Recession and Material Hardship, Janet Currie

Afterword: Policy and the Power of Ideas, Christina Romer

What do you think? Would other people be excited to read this too? What chapters and authors am I missing?


  1. How about the collective of mothers who balance home finances world wide. They are the most capable micro economists of all!

  2. Carmen Reinhart has kinda already written the book!

  3. @Lakefront Rider, Amen!

    @Anonymous, I have read Prof. Reinhart's book, and it's certainly an important contribution, but I am pointing out some other sides to the story that I think are relevant.

  4. You missed out a chapter on the housing /mortgage market, which is rather important tithe story. She's not famous, but at least one female economist has written on this. ( Google reveals she is now head of financial stability at the Reserve Bank of Australia.

  5. Tithe -> to the
    Damn you autocorrect


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