Monday, September 21, 2015

Whose Expectations Augment the Phillips Curve?

My first economics journal publication is now available online in Economics Letters. This link provides free access until November 9, 2015. It is a brief piece (hence the letter format) titled "Whose Expectations Augment the Phillips Curve?" The short answer:
"The inflation expectations of high-income, college-educated, male, and working-age people play a larger role in inflation dynamics than do the expectations of other groups of consumers or of professional forecasters."
Update: The permanent link to the paper is here.


  1. Very nice note. Just read it. I have always wondered why survey data is not more mainstream in economics.

  2. Just curious...if anyone actually pays $35.95 for your individual article, do you get a cut? Or is it all the publisher's?

  3. Very nicely done, btw, and a terrific place to have your first pub.


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